• 26.09.2018
  • 27.09.2018
    08:30Opening Speech
    Challenge of SCADA
    Martin Mans, LIWACOM , Germany
    Electrolysis Research in View of Future Energy Requirements
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlef Stolten, Juelich Research Center IEK-3, Germany
    Merging Multi-User Changes in Topological Structures
    Jeroen Buse, Gasunie, The Netherlands
    Simulation of H2S Impact on Gas Transportation
    Roberto Palazzo, SNAM, Italy
    Security of Supply Calculation Model
    Jeroen Buse, Gasunie, The Netherlands
    Interface Applications for Improving Operational Risk Management of the UK National Gas Transmission System
    Dr. Ben Parkinson, National Grid, Great Britain
    What is good for steady-state may not be good enough for dynamics
    Miroslav Golha, eustream, Slovakia
    Forecasting of gas quality
    Stanisław Brzęczkowski, GAZ-SYSTEM, Poland
    Maciej Szeniawski, GAZ-SYSTEM, Poland
    Leak Detection Methods Comparison
    Martin Styblo, SIMONE Research Group, Czech Republic
    Physics of Compression, Parametric Diagnostics and Performance Monitoring of Compressors and Drives, and Experience of Development and Implementation of Methods and Programs for them
    Dr. Leonid Ostromuhov, NV Compressors and Pipes, Germany
    16:30-23:00Social Program
    Excursions – Make your Choice:
    • A Panoramic Tour of Madrid
    • The Prado Museum Tour
    • Real Madrid Football Club - The Bernabeu Stadium Tour
    Congress Dinner in Casa Patas
  • 28.09.2018
    09:00-11:00Dispatching / Operations
    NSM: SIMONE-Based Decision Supporting Tool for Economic Grid Operation and Daily Task Planning
    Balázs Rosta, FGSZ, Hungary
    Embedded Optimization
    Daniel Zimmer, GASCADE, Germany
    Maintaining and Running the SIMONE Model from the GIS/SCADA System via Deep Integration and Automated Transformation Rules
    Randall T. Pieters, Gasunie, The Netherlands
    Erwin van der Velde, Gasunie, The Netherlands
    Integration of SIMONE
    AVEVA, Canada
    News of SIMONE - Engineering
    Stefan Bendel, LIWACOM, Germany
    12:00Closing Address